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Welcome to Wirtex Workwear Fabrics UK, one of the Europe’s principal suppliers of high quality performance fabrics. Please see our large selection of workwear textiles and reflective fabric tape!

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Benefits of choosing us:

  • As we have enjoyed great success over the last few years and a growing number of satisfied clients in the European market, Wirtex Workwear fabrics have decided to expand our fabric range to offer our clients a greater selection. Our workwear range has been developed to meet the strictest performance requirements encountered in such diverse areas as heavy industry, manufacturing and light engineering. At Wirtex we work with our professional fabric team who are always informed about the newest workwear textile trends developed in our supplier factories. We provide quality finished products to meet the high standards of our customers current and future needs and in the last few years we've developed a deep understanding of our customers requirements so we can continue to improve and adapt our operation to exceed customer expectations. More and more people are wearing our garments in many industries where safety and healthy requirements are necessary. Garments made by our fabrics provide guaranteed protection, comfort and long life-expectancy in any working and extreme weather condition. Wirtex's strength is our substantial experience and knowledge, quality, right business ethics , scheduled delivery and our competitive prices.

    Our fabric range consists of: Cotton Fabrics | Polyester Fabrics | Blended Fabrics such as polycotton | Cloak Fabrics | Waterproof-, Water Resistant-, Water Repellent Fabrics | Special Fabrics | Industrial Washable Fabrics | Antistatic Fabrics | Flame Retardant-, Anti-flame-, Fireproof Fabrics | Acid-proof Fabrics | Camouflage Fabrics | Pocketing and Lining Textile | Reflective Tapes such as 3M reflective materials | High Visibility Fabrics.

    Our reputation has been forged in the following markets: Workwear | School wear | Corporate wear | Sportswear | Special end users including medical.

    All fabrics at Wirtex Workwear are EU certified and pass OEKO-TEX requirement for certification of textiles. Wirtex provide premium quality products and stand behind our textiles and reflective fabric tapes 100%. If you would like to receive a sample of any of the textiles/fabrics or need a pattern card please click here for more information.

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