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Our cloak fabrics are specially designed for those people who work in specialty industries such as the hospital industry, catering and the cosmetics sector. Our fabrics provide the maximum comfort, quality and variety of colors with our tunic fabrics and come in a wide range of weights from 165 gsm to 245 gsm.







Available colors

PICARO 180 g 55% CO 45% PE 21*21/104*54 2/1 This popular cloak fabric is a low weight ’twill’ fabric which is mostly used in the hospital, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. Available in 180 grams weight with 55% cotton & 45% polyester content in 6 different color and provides the maximum comfort to the wearer.  pdf download
ULTRA MAX NEGA-STAT 245 g 65% PE / 35% CO / 1% NEGASTAT 14*14/82*50 2/1

Some of  our customers say to produce nice antistatic twill fabric of such medium-heavy weight is difficult. We keep on stock our antistatic cloak fabric of 245 grams weight with 35% cotton / 35% polyester plus 1% antistatic fiber content in dark color. This fabric recommended for the production of cloaks, tunics and trousers are made of it for people working in the special industry.

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SUPRA LIGHT 195 g 100% CO 20*20/108*58 3/1

This is one of our best-selling products. It is a ‘double sanforized’, light, 100% cotton fabric in 195gsm weight and available in white. It is specifically suitable for the production of garments for  doctors, nurses, kitchens, cosmetics and the pharmaceutical industry.

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OPUS   180 g 100% CO 16*16/60*60 1/1

This 100% cotton, industrial, washable fabric was created for restaurants, hotel, the catering industry and other service areas. It has high breathable properties and is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Due to the weight (180 gsm) of this fabric it can be used in the beauticians and healthcare industries. We sell this cloak fabric in white, green and blue colors.

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Dura Breeze   160 g 65% CO 35% PE 30*30/130*70 2/1

This is also a very special light weight 2/1 industrial washable cloak fabric, available in 26 colors in a weight of 165 gsm at 65% Cotton / 35% Polyester. This fabric is recommended for cloaks, scrubs and tunic products.

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TESLA 180 g 65% PE 35% CO 18*18/56*62 2/1

Our special metalized, antistatic cloak fabric designed to guarantee balanced and a durable anti-static performance. This lightweight anti-static material with its polyester-cotton component is exceptionally comfortable, breathable and ideal for use in warm working environments. With its weight 180 gsm and  65% Polyester and  35% cotton mix it is suitable for tunics, trousers and light jackets. It is available in white and complied to EN340, EN11149-3 and EN61340-5-1 standards.

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All cloak fabrics sold at Wirtex are certified to the highest EU standard

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