Water repellent and water resistant fabrics

Our range of waterproof fabrics is ideal textiles for your garments for industries where waterproofing is a requirement.

With the polyester component, the lifetime of our waterproof fabrics is longer than the average fabrics. We carry polyester and cotton component, which are water-resistant, and Teflon coated fabrics. The polyester and cotton fabrics are:

  • available in various colours
  • washable up to 60 degrees celsius
  • reactive dye and shrinkage is less than 2%

Waterproof fabrics are fabric materials that repel water and are utilized in various everyday applications. Waterproof fabrics offer excellent water resistance with minimal wetting and leakage.

Waterproof fabric has been used in several industries for many years and can be used for clothing (casual wear and sportswear), tents, tarpaulins, and vehicle covers.

    Polyester 65%Cotton 35%245 gsm150 cm2/1 twill14*14/80*56

    This is our most popular water repellent workwear fabric available in 245 gsm. With its unique teflon finish, 65% polyester & 35% cotton component, it has the best water repellency and anti-absorbency features. Available in five different colors and certified to EN13688 and EN4920

      Polyester 50%Cotton 50%245 gsm150 cm3/1 twill200D*10/108*58

      This 50% cotton & 50% polyester water repellent fabric with its 245 gsm gives the wearer maximum water repellency and comfort. These are available in more than 8 colours, including high visibility yellow. This water repellent fabric has the following certifications: EN20471
 EN20811 EN4920.

      Please have a look at our water-resistant fabric and water repellent fabric range:

        Polyester 100%160 gsm147 cm

        Camouflage 100% polyester water repellent fabric is the best choice for your outdoor activities and gives the wearer maximum water repellency and comfort. This camouflage textile has EN4920 certification.

          Polyester 100%160 gsm147 cm

          This 100% polyester fabric is the heavier version of Monsoon raincoat fabric. It has the best waterproofing features in the medium weight range. They’re available in over 15 colours, including Hi-Vis orange. This water repellent textile comes with two different certifications: EN20471 and EN4920

            Polyester 100%90 gsm147 cm

            Monsoon is a lightweight 100% polyester water repellent fabric. Its lightweight 90 gsm gives the best comfort to the wearer. Choose from more than 10 colours, including high visibility yellow and Hi Vis orange. This water repellent fabric has the following certifications: EN20471 and EN4920

            All water repellent and waterproof fabric have EU and UK technical specifications and OEKO-TEX certification.