Reflective tapes

Workplace safety requires the use of high-visibility clothing.

When working in certain industries and professions, high-visibility apparel, such as vests and jackets, is required by law. It’s impossible to envision people feeling safe working in high-risk areas if they aren’t wearing specialized safety gear. Reflective tape for clothing has since become an essential requirement for garments for millions of employees in the past decades.

Reflective tape for clothing is essential and a requirement in the workwear industry. Wiretex’s reflective tapes for safety garments meet the international standards that enable professionals to stay visible in poor weather conditions. The reflective fabric tape also improves visibility during the day and at night.

Our most successful products are a range of reflective fabric tape, and our largest reflective tape supplier is 3M. 3M is the leading producer of qualitative and long lifetime reflective materials such as retro-reflective 3M fabric tape and flame retardant tape.

Wirtex workwear also supplies other reflective tapes from different qualitative reflective fabric tape suppliers, such as EU certified flame retardant tape or sewed on reflective tapes.

Our reflective fabric range comes in varying widths and consists of:

  • reflective fabric tapes (reflective clothing tapes or sew-on tapes)
  • silver transfer films
  • flame retardant reflective sew on tape

We can supply you with the following types of 3M reflective clothing tape:

3M Scotchlite reflective tapes such as silver fabric tape, flame retardant tape, and transfer films.

We have the following 3M reflective tape for clothing available:

3M reflective fabric tapes / Reflective sew on tapes:

8906, 8912/8912N, 8925, 8932, 8935, 8940, 9910S, 9920, 9925, 9945

3M transfer films:

8711, 8712/8712N, 8725, 8726, 8735, 8787, 9720, 5807, C790

3M segmented transfer films:

5410, 5510, 5510M, 5530, 5535/5535M Fireproof

3M fireproof tapes:

5636, 5637, 5696, 5697, 8986 NFPA, 8987 NFPA, 9686N, 9687N

High-Gloss tape:

6260/6260R, 6287

VizLite Reflective Tapes – Reflect and Protect

The VizLite reflective tape for clothing and end applications include hi-vis overalls, fireproof uniforms, and fire retardant garments.

Sew-on reflective tapes:

200, 201, 205IW, PT601/602 Prismatic reflective vinyl, 080/081 Reflective twin trim, 091 Reflective stitch-on tape

Heat applied reflective tapes:

201HE elastic, 201HA, 205H Industrial washable, 201HA/CUT segmented cut design, 205H/CUT

Flame retardant reflective tapes:

201HFR, 201HFR/CUT Segmented cut design, 301IW Flame retardant industrial wash, 302 industrial wash, 305 triple trim, 306 triple trim industrial wash, 310 yellow/orange, 305K Perforated F/R triple trim, 306K Perforated F/R triple trimindustrial washable, 310CP Hi vis yellow

Reflective piping:

801P, 301P anti-flame, 800 transfer film

Other reflective fabric tapes are also available in different widths and colours.

If you do not find the reflective tape you are looking for, download our 3M brochure to browse our available products. Alternatively, please do not hesitate in contacting us so we can source what you are looking for.