Technical fabrics

Technical fabrics such as acidproof, flame resistant, rip-stop, water-resistant, and antistatic materials with their unique strengths and features protect against multiple hazards: sparks, static electricity, electric arch, chemical, and oil splash, liquid metal spatter.

Tesla Antistatic
    Polyester 64%Cotton 24%Antistatic 2%180 gsm150 cm1/118*18/56*62

    Polycotton fabric with antistatic fiber to protect (ESD) electrostatic sensitive devices. Available in blue, navy, and black colour. This antistatic fabric has the following certifications: EN13688
EN1149-3 61340-5-1

      Cotton 90%Polyester 10%240 gsm150 cm2/2 Ripstop40/2x40/2 112x60 2/1 Z 300D

      Ripstop, exceptionally durable multifunctional medium-weight cotton and polyester fabric has many finishes such as dirt resistant, oilproof, water repellent. Available in our stock range in black colour. This rip-stop fabric is also washable up to 70 degrees Celsius and is recommended for personal protective clothing. Stark. This ripstop fabric has the following certifications: EN14419, 
EN20811, EN4920.

      Stark Light
        Cotton 90%Polyester 10%215 gsm150 cm2/2 Ripstop30*30/160*90 250D grid

        Stark light is a lightweight rip-stop fabric that has been developed for one of our customers to meet all their garment requirements. This workwear fabric has excellent water resistance, oilproof, and dirt resistance features. This cotton-rich material is 90 % cotton and 10% polyester combined with extra-strong fibers. Available in colour black and wash the material in up to 60 celsius. This rip-stop fabric has EN14419 EN20811 EN4920 certifications.

          Polyester 24%Cotton 75%Antistatic 1%275 gsm150 cm2/1 twill16*12/98*44

          Resistech antistatic fabric is specially developed to tend to our customer's needs. This medium-weight, flame-resistant fabric has multiple exceptional features: antistatic, water repellent, oilproof, acidproof. Washable up to 75 celsius and available in navy colour. This technical fabric has good hard-wearing properties and is suitable for workwear jackets and trousers. Certifications are EN1149-5 EN11611 EN11612 EN13034 EN13688 EN14419 EN14325 EN4920 EN61482-1-2.

          Ultra Max Negastat Antistatic
            Polyester 64%Cotton 35%Antistatic 1%245 gsm150 cm2/1 twill14*14/82*50

            Medium weight polycotton fabric combined with antistatic fiber is widely used in special industries to reduce static electricity. Available in our stock range in navy and white. Certifications are EN13688 EN1149-5.

              Polyester 65%Cotton 35% 0%245 gsm150 cm2/1 twill20*16/120*60

              Poly cotton material has excellent features. It is acidproof, oilproof, water repellent, and medium-weight for comfort. Colours available are blue and navy. Recommended garments are jackets and trousers where the wearer is exposed to oil, water and acid splashes, or where protection is necessary. The fabric has been certified to the most relevant EN13034,EN13688, EN14419, EN6530, and EN24920 certifications.

              Wirtex Workwear fabrics also have a range of camouflage fabrics which is available in polycotton, polyester and 100% cotton. You can also find a polyester water repellent raincoat camouflage material on our water repellent page.

              Mamba camouflage
                Cotton 35%Polyester 65%245 gsm150 cm2/1 twill14*14/80*56

                This is the newest medium-weight addition to our camouflage fabric range. 65%Polyester and 35% Cotton camouflage fabric is very popular for outdoor wear.

                Python camouflage
                  Cotton 35%Polyester 65%300 gsm150 cm3/1 twill12*10/90*46

                  Our new heavyweight camouflage fabric is 300g and the components are mixed of polyester and cotton. Uniforms made by this camouflage fabric are used by army, foresters and hunters. This camouflage fabric has an outstanding strength.

                  Cobra camouflage
                    Cotton 100%280 gsm147 cm3/1 twill12*10/87*44

                    This special heavyweight 280g 100% cotton fabric is mostly used by the army, hunters, foresters and those who spend a lot of time in nature. Camouflage fabric is new to our range and is very popular with our customers! Our camouflage fabric has an outstanding strength, its washable up to 60 celsius, has a reactive dye and the shrinkage is less than 2%.

                    Our technical fabrics at Wirtex Workwear combine durability and outstanding wearing comfort for versatile performance.