At Wirtex Workwear Fabrics, we offer a wide selection of sustainable workwear fabrics. In the last decade, Wirtex Fabrics, as one of the UK and EU leading suppliers of fabrics, introduced several increasing sustainable fabrics in our collection and supported our clients in helping them in their commitment to acquisition. We are doing our part to help create a more sustainable business and planet.

Protecting the planet

At Wirtex Workwear Fabrics, we are proud of the environmental responsibility we created over the last few years. A unique outside-in perspective informs what we do at Wirtex Workwear Fabrics.

At Wirtex Workwear Fabrics, we develop the best textile products, looking several steps further to help our business partners and end users rely on our products and protest the earth.

To meet the growing demand for economically friendly workwear fabrics and garments, we sell high quality, comfortable textiles which have less environmental footprint left by textile factories. This means every meter of fabric product has less water and energy usage and produces less waste and pollution.

The protection of our environment is everybody’s responsibility. No matter what industry you are in, our sustainable fabrics will meet your expectations.

Quality garments “made for the future” means we provide sustainable and quality fabrics and ensure a higher quality of life for all of us.

Protecting people

We work hard to promote safe and fair working conditions in our supply networks and associates.

It is essential for us to have a safe working environment and fair labour practices.

Wirtex and our business partners promote responsible and ethical business practices.

Also, we can’t forget our most important asset: our employees. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today, which is why they also play an integral part in defining our strategy.

At Wirtex Fabrics, we care about the environment and ensure a quality of life.

Prolonging fabric and garment life

To reduce our environmental footprint, we continuously improve the longevity and extend the durability of our fabrics and garments made of our textiles.

At Wirtex Fabrics, the two keywords are “lifetime” “and durability.” The more prolonged use of garments is better for the environment.

OEKO-TEX Certification

OEKO-TEX enables textile companies to make responsible decisions to protect our planet for future generations. OEKO-TEX will certify hazardous materials and their components that are free of harmful chemicals and safe for humans.

Wirtex Workwear Fabrics only cooperate with textile companies and manufacturers with a valid OEKO-TEX certification.