Cloak fabrics and corporatewear fabrics

Our corporate wear and cloak fabrics are specially designed for those working in speciality industries, including hospitals, caterers, and the cosmetics sector.

The busy environment of these sectors requires comfortable and durable uniforms. Our cloak fabrics provide maximum comfort and quality and are available in various colours. Our tunic and hospitality wear fabrics come in a wide range of weights from 115 gsm to 245 gsm. You can find the best fabric for your corporate wear, from plain weave to twill fabric.

    Polyester 100%168 gsm150 cmBi-stretch

    Dressmakers use this lightweight 100% polyester bi-stretch fabric to make gowns, skirts, and trousers. This bi-stretch fabric is strong, durable, crease-resistant, and easy to wash. Every bi-stretch fabric is slightly stretched, which helps make it more comfortable for the wearer. We can source this fabric in many other colours upon request, as we only have them available in white and black colours.

      Cotton 100%230 gsm150 cm2/2 Twill16*16/80*64

      Our new medium-heavy weight 100% cotton fabric is widely used in the hospitality sector for chef wear. 100% cotton fabric is 230 grams and provides maximum comfort to the wearer. Its best uses are for jackets and trousers

        Polyester 100%200 gsm150 cm2/1 twill

        This medium-weight chef wear fabric is mainly used in the catering industry. The material is 100% polyester, with a weight of 200 grams. It's perfect for any trousers which need polyester strength

          Polyester 65%Cotton 35%185 gsm150 cm2/1 twill21*21/108*58 Y/D

          Medium weight TC cloak fabric is widely used in the hospitality and corporate wear industry. It is available in 185 grams in 65% polyester and 35% cotton composition and is recommended for trousers.

            Polyester 40%Cotton 60%115 gsm150 cm1/145*45/133*72

            This is a low-weight textile widely used in the hospital and pharmaceutical industry. This cloak fabric is available in 115 grams. The material is 40% polyester and 60% cotton and is sold in 4 different colours, providing comfort to the wearer.

              Cotton 100%145 gsm150 cmRIBBOX20*20/70*50

              100% cotton fabric for cloaks was created for the beauty and hospital industry. It is a lightweight fabric for a cloak and comfortable to wear. The weight of this cloak fabric is 145 grams and is available in dark and bright colours.

              Opus 160
                Cotton 100%180 gsm160 cm1/116*16/60*60

                Industrial washable fabric with 100% cotton component has the best uses in beauty, healthcare, and many other service areas. It has a breathable material that is lightweight and comfortable. This cloak fabric is 160 cm in width and is available in many colours, ranging from bright to dark.

                  Cotton 100%180 gsm150 cm1/116*16/60*60

                  This 100% cotton, industrial, washable fabric was created for restaurants, hotels, the catering industry, and other service areas. It has highly breathable properties and is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Due to this fabric's weight of 180 gsm, it can be used in the beauty and healthcare industries. We sell this fabric for cloak in white, green, and blue colours. This industrial washable fabric has EN14237 certification.

                  Ultra Max Negastat
                    Cotton 35%Polyester 64%Negastat 1%245 gsm1502/1 twill14*14/82*50

                    Some of our customers request that we produce nice antistatic twill fabric for cloak of such medium-heavy weight, which is difficult. We stock our antistatic cloak fabric weighing 245 grams with 35% cotton / 64% polyester plus 1% antistatic fibre content in dark colours. This cloak fabric recommended for tunics and trousers is made for people working in the speciality industry. This antistatic fabric has 2 different certifications: EN13688 EN1149-5

                      Cotton 55%Polyester 45%180 gsm150 cm2/1 twill21*21/104*54

                      This popular fabric for cloak is a low-weight twill fabric primarily used in hospitals, cosmetics, and the pharmaceutical industry. Available in 180 grams weight with 55% cotton and 45% polyester content in 4 different colours and provides excellent comfort to the wearer in corporate wear. White colour is also available in industrially washable version.

                        Polyester 64%Cotton 34%Antistatic 2%180 gsm150 cm1/118*18/56*62

                        Our antistatic cloak fabric is metalized to ensure a balanced and durable antistatic performance. This lightweight antistatic material with its polyester-cotton component is exceptionally comfortable, breathable, and ideal for warm working environments. With its weight of 180 gsm and 64% Polyester 34% cotton plus 2% antistatic mix, it is suitable for tunics, trousers, and light jackets. It is available in white and black and complies with EN13688, EN11149-3, and EN61340-5-1 standards

                          Cotton 97%Spandex 3%200 gsm160 cm2/1 twill32*32+40D 180*80

                          Our new addition to the cotton collection in the cloak fabric range is a medium-weight stretch material. This medium-weight textile with its cotton and spandex component makes any garment very comfortable to the wearer, with its weight of 200 grams suitable for tunics and trousers. It has 160 cm in width and is available in white and dark colours.

                          Supra Light Cloak
                            Cotton 100%195 gsm150 cm3/1 twill20*20/108*58

                            This is one of our best-selling products. It is a 'double sanforized, light, 100% cotton fabric in 195 gsm weight and available in more than 10 colours. It is specifically suitable for producing garments for doctors, nurses, kitchens, cosmetics, and the pharmaceutical industry. This twill cloak fabric is an excellent choice for your tender.

                              Polyester 50%Cotton 50%115 gsm150 cm2/216*16/80*64

                              Sigma is a lightweight fabric with its unique half cotton and half polyester component. This lightweight textile is great to make shirts and is comfortable to wear all year round. It is available in over 10 colours in our palette.

                              All cloak fabrics sold at Wirtex Workwear Fabrics are certified to the highest EU and UK standards.