Lining, pocketing, bedsheeting and tablecloth fabrics

Please look at our pocketing fabric and lining fabrics available in a range of polycotton, cotton and polyester.

Juno 240
    Polyester 50%Cotton 50%140 gsm240 cm1/124*24/68*62

    Plain weave lightweight cotton lining is exceptionally durable. We sell this fabric in 240 cm width. Available in our stock range in white colour. It is widely used as pocket material in many different kinds of uniforms. Material is 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester.

      Polyester 65%Cotton 35%120 gsm150 cm1/124*24/60*60

      Lightweight lining textile has excellent strengthness, we offer in 150 cm width. This lining fabric is 35 percent cotton and 65 percent polyester and washable up to 60 celsius.

        Cotton 100%130 gsm150 cm1/124*24/60*60

        One hundred percent cotton pocketing fabric, available in 130 gsm. This lining fabric has good hard-wearing properties. We offer more than six colours. Suitable for workwear trousers and has a neat finish.

          Polyester 100%60 gsm150 cm1/163D*63D/110*80

          This is our newest lightweight polyester lining textile in our range. Available in navy, black and white colour. Popular for the inner part of the jacket.

          Wirtex offers a range of high-quality bedding products. Bedsheet qualities are available in cotton and polyester-viscose.

            Polyester 65%Viscose 35%170 gsm150 cm1/132/2*32/2 / 56*48

            Light polyester-viscose 170 gsm bedsheet fabric available in 150cm width. It can be washed up to sixty Celsius and we sell in white colour.

              Cotton 100%140 gsm160 cm1/163D*63D/110*80

              Lightweight bedsheeting cotton rich fabric made of upland cotton. Strong, breathable soft fabric and available in white colour.

                Cotton 100%130 gsm150 cm1/1

                This is a plain weave lightweight bedsheeting fabric available in bright white color. 100 percent cotton material guarantees the comfort of any bedding product made of it.

                Our tablecloth fabrics are the best choice if you need them in the catering industry. All tablecloth fabrics can be washed up to 90 degrees Celsius!

                  Cotton 100%140 gsm210 cm4/1 satin40*40/140*90

                  Industrial washable low weight white cotton fabric is great use as a tablecloth in the catering business. 140 gsm weight and industrially washable up to 90 celsius. With its wideness (240cm) it has extended usage for longer tables.

                    Cotton 100%140 gsm150/240 cm4/140*40/140*90

                    This white striped lightweight 100 percent cotton tablecloth fabric is mostly used in the catering industry. The 140 gsm cotton material has hard-wearing properties, it’s washable up to 90 celsius. We sell this tablecloth fabric in 150 and 240 cm width.