Polycotton fabrics

Our polycotton fabrics have been developed to give the garments functionality, comfort, and durability. The use of blended polycotton fabrics in the workwear industry has been increased thanks to its strong polyester content.

Polycotton fibers can now be used to make higher-quality workwear fabrics, which improves their performance. The life expectancy of workwear garments made of this work-clothes polycotton fabric is significantly longer than average and is comfortable to wear. When blended with polyester, blended cotton fabric contributes more strength, abrasion-resistance, fast, and wrinkle-resistance. Blended poly cotton fabrics are available in a range of 195 gsm to 300 gsm and in a vast range of colors such as high visibility, which is certified to EN 471. They are best used are for trousers, overalls, jackets, and it’s ideal for medium and heavy-duty working in exposed conditions, providing excellent durability and comfort.

All of our polycotton twill fabrics can be washed at a minimum of  60 degrees Celcius and have a low percentage of shrinkage. Our polycotton fabrics have a reactive dye and excellent wearing quality. These types of workwear blended fabrics are also very popular products in our blending fabric range. Polyester and cotton fabrics are comparable best-selling workwear fabrics. In addition, polycotton fabrics offer exceptional durability – it’s almost indestructible! Polycotton high visibility yellow also has a high cotton content giving improved wearer comfort.

Ultra Max
    Polyester 65%Cotton 35%245 gsm150 cm2/1 twill14*14/80*56

    Established as Wirtex’s top selling industrial washable
    fabric, this indestructible medium weight workwear
    fabric has been developed to meet the prescribed
    criteria for high temperature industrial laundering.
    Extremely hardwearing and durable Industrial
    washable fabric suitable for outdoor and indoor
    garments. This fabric also offers exceptional color
    consistency and stability to help ensure they retain
    their smart appearance.

    Ultra Light+
      Cotton 65%Polyester 35%210 gsm150 cm2/1 twill20*20/108*58

      Medium weight workwear fabric which has
      all the necessary attributes that you would
      expect from an industrial washable fabric.
      For summer and winter workwear with high
      requirementsfor strength characteristics
      and a longer lifecycle. The components
      are 65% cotton & 35% polyester with
      a weight of 210 gsm. The fabric available
      in dark color only.

        Polyester 50%Cotton 50%300 gsm3/1 twill10*10/80*56

        This heavyweight cotton-polyester warp way
        twill fabric is comfortable but more durable
        than cotton workwear fabrics. Thanks to its
        half-half cotton-polyester component, it makes
        it stronger and more comfortable for the wearer.
        We have more than 15 different colours for you
        to choose from. This is a great choice for any
        garment with polycotton components.

          Cotton 60%Polyester 40%280 gsm150 cm3/1 twill

          Chi is heavyweight polycotton fabric which is
          a bit heavier version of the above fabric. Cotton
          rich textile, 60%PE and 40%CO, and the weight is
          280 gsm. This textile has excellent comfort and is
          recommended for heavier warmer trousers and jackets.
          We offer this polycotton fabric in 5 different colours.

            Cotton 60%Polyester 40%240 gsm150 cm2/1 twill14*14/80*52

            This is a highly effective medium-weight
            polyester and cotton fabric used in the
            workwear industry where traditionally
            blended fabrics were used. It’s comfortable,
            durable, and strong, making it an ideal
            fabric in warm and cold environments.
            It has colourfast and low shrinkage
            properties. The density is 240 gsm,
            and the composition is 40% polyester
            and 60% cotton. We sell this textile
            in white, black, and a shade of blue,
            green, and gray. These are widely used
            in industries where polycotton fabrics
            are a requirement.

            Dura Max+
              Polyester 65%Cotton 35%280 gsm150 cm2/1 twill14*14/82*50

              This is the original heavyweight 280 gsm
              drill polycotton fabric used for workwear.
              The colour palette is from white through blue,
              grey, and black. Heavyweight and breathable
              polycotton fabric, it’s ideal for heavy industrial
              wear such as workwear trousers and jackets.

              Dura Max Comfort
                Polyester 63%Cotton 35%Elastane 2%245 gsm147 cm2/1 twill14 PC 65:35 + 2 PC
                65:35+70D/ 76*48

                The same polycotton fabric as Dura Max with
                65% cotton/33% polyester/2% spandex makes it
                more comfortable for the wearer. This 147 cm
                blended cotton fabric is new in our workwear
                textile range. This polycotton fabric is 245
                grams of weight.

                Dura Max
                  Polyester 65%Cotton 35%245 gsm150 cm2/1 twill14*14/80*56

                  This product is a multipurpose polycotton fabric
                  mainly used for men’s heavy-duty workwear and
                  uniforms. Uniforms made of this polycotton fabric
                  are substantive and smart. This TC twill fabric
                  finds application in constructing, machinery and
                  transport sectors. Available in 245grams and 24
                  different colours, including high visibility.
                  This textile comes with EN13688 certification.

                  Dura Light
                    Cotton 35%Polyester 65%190 gsm150 cm2/1 twill20*20/94*60

                    This lower weight work-clothes poly cotton fabric
                    provides an optimum polyester and cotton proportion
                    which can guarantee excellent strength and wearing
                    quality. Thanks to its twisted yarn, it has a quality that
                    distinguishes it from other fabrics on the market.
                    Available in 190 gsm and more than 25 different
                    colours, this material is 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester
                    with excellent washing quality at 60 degrees Celsius
                    and has less than 2% shrinkage. This polycotton fabric
                    is ideal for lightweight garments.
                    This polycotton textile comes with EN13688 certification.

                    Dura Breeze Comfort
                      Cotton 35% Polyester 63% Elastane 2%165 gsm147 cm2/1 twill30*30/130*70

                      The same workwear poly cotton fabric as Dura breeze
                      with its 65% cotton/33% polyester/2% spandex makes
                      it more comfortable for the wearer. This 147 cm width
                      medium weight polycotton fabric is new in our workwear
                      textile range. It’s very popular in the healthcare and
                      leisurewear industry and is best for medium-weight
                      garments requiring strong polycotton fabric. We have
                      them available in 8 different basic colours like white,
                      shades of blue and grey.

                      Dura Breeze
                        Polyester 65%Cotton 35%160 gsm150 cm2/1 twill30*30/130*70

                        This high-strength, lightweight twill poly cotton fabric is mainly developed for spring workwear. Garments made of this poly cotton fabric provide an exceptional level of comfort. You can choose from 26 different colours ranging from bright to dark. This polyester and cotton fabric is the best choice for light workwear jackets, trousers, and coveralls.

                        All polycotton fabrics at Wirtex Fabrics have UK and EU technical specifications and OEKO-TEX standards to the highest quality of fabrics.