Flame resistant fabrics

As protection in the workwear industry rises, more and more companies require high-quality flame-resistant fabrics. Wirtex’s Flame retardant fabric range incorporates quality and reliability, as all of our fire retardant fabrics are used in gas, fire, electricity, and petrochemical industries.

At Wirtex Workwear Fabrics, we offer a broad range of technical fire-retardant fabrics and acidproof material for personal protective garments.

All of our flame retardant fabrics are treated and are of acceptable quality with EN11611, EN11612, EN1149-5 (antistatic only) certification.

The following fire resistant and flame-proof fabrics are available from our warehouse:

Phoenix Light
    Cotton 100%170 gsm150 cm1/120*20/60*60

    This new flame retardant lining fabric is 100% cotton with a lighter (170 g) territorial density. It’s suitable for use in many industries where flame retardancy is required and recommended for lining and pocketing. This flame retardant textile has EN15025 certification.

      Cotton 98%Antistatic 2%370 gsm150 cm3/1 twill10*10/80*46

      We also keep a 370 gsm flame retardant, antistatic fabric in stock, which is necessary for some special industries where electronic equipment is in use. This is only available in dark blue and black colour. Garments made by our flame-resistant fabric are worn by oil, power operation sectors, industrial workers, and many other industries where those protection requirements are necessary. The 98% cotton and 2% antistatic component give you maximum breathability and arch protection. This anti-flame fabric has EN13688, EN11611, EN11612, EN1149-5 certifications.

        Cotton 100%350 gsm150 cm3/1 twill16*10/108*56

        This material is 100% treated cotton. The territorial density is 350 grams, suitable for use in many industries where flame retardancy is required. It can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius and shrinkage is less than 2%. It has a reactive dye available in dark blue, navy, black and dark green colours. This flame resistant fabric has EN13688, EN11611 and EN11612 certifications.