Cotton and blended fabricsWirtex Workwear have a great cotton and blended fabric range! They come in a variety of weights and colors and in high visibility as well!


Cotton fabric have the best strength, conduciveness with good breathable characteristic. It is the ideal material for winter and summer clothes, very easy to wash and can be ironed in high temperatures. These 100% cotton workwear fabrics are the most popular products at Wirtex. The quality assurance of our supplier can guarantee the high quality for this range of workwear fabrics. We have many different workwear fabric in stock which have special weft and chain yarn and several rustic-effect twill work clothes fabric in a variety of color. Our cotton fabrics are available in a range of weights from 165 gsm to 300 gsm in a variety of color. They are suitable for overalls, trousers, coats and for many other garments in the workwear industry.

These cotton fabrics are the best available workwear fabrics on the textile market in this category.

Cotton fabrics







Available colors


195 g

100% CO



Supra Light is a top selling cotton fabric. With it’s optimal weight of 195 gsm it provides versatile use of this fabric. It combines good durableness and breathability properties. The clothes made of this textile provides the wearer with comfort and warmth. With 15 colors to choose from, it’s an ideal choice for year-round workwear.

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SUPRA MAX 250 g 100% CO 16*12/96*48 3/1

Medium weight cotton fabric is exceptionally warm and durable with its 250 gsm. You can find more than 15 different colors in our stock range. It is widely used for workwear and chefs uniform.

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SUPRA MAX+ 280 g 100% CO 12*10/87*44 3/1

This is a heavy 280 gsm cotton fabric in a classical cotton drill used for industrial wear. The fabric provides good hard-wearing properties, breathability and is available in more than 19 different colors. It is especially suitable for those people who work in cold weather conditions.

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FALCON 280 g 100% CO 2/30C*120E 96*58 3/2

This is the newest addition to our cotton fabric range. This fabric has a unique composition and is guaranteed to retain its shape and color, which makes it very suitable for work in harsh conditions. With its 280gsm its a great choice for heavy-duty workwear and is available only in dark colors.

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SUPRA KING 300 g 100% CO 12*10/90*46 3/1

This heavyweight cotton fabric is used for industrial wear. The 300 gsm fabric ensures good hard-wearing properties, it’s comfortable and breathable. We keep this fabric in stock in almost 20 colors. It is particularly suitable for cold weather conditions. 

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Blended fabrics

Nowadays factories can produce better quality fabrics with blended fibres which improves their performance. The use of blended fabrics have been increased thanks to its polyester content. The life expectation of garments made of this work-clothes fabric is significantly longer than average and is comfortable to wear. Cotton, when blended with polyester contributes more strength, abrasion-resistant and fastness. Blended fabrics are available in a range of 195 gsm to 300 gsm and in a variety of colors such as high visibility which is certified to EN 471. Best uses are for trousers, overalls, jackets and it’s ideal for medium and heavy duty working in exposed conditions and provides excellent durability and comfort.

All of our blended fabrics can be washed on 60 degrees and have a low percent of shrinkage. They have a reactive dye and excellent wearing quality. These type of workwear fabrics are also very popular products in our fabric range. Comparable best-selling workwear polyester/cotton fabrics. In addition to offering exceptional durability, It’s almost Indestructible! High visibility yellow also has a high cotton content giving improved wearer comfort.

Name Weight Composition Construction Weaving Description Available colors


190 g

65% PE 35% CO



This lower weight work-clothes fabric provides an optimum polyester/cotton proportion which can guarantee an excellent strength and wearing quality.Thanks to its twisted yarn it has a quality which distinguishes itself compared with other fabrics on the market. Available in 195 gsm and in more than 25 different colours, this material is 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester with excellent washing quality on 60 celsius and has less than 2% shrinkage.

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DURA MAX 245 g 65% PE 35% CO 14*14/80*56 2/1

This product is a multipurpose polyester cotton fabric mainly used for men’s heavy duty workwear and uniforms. Uniforms made of this fabric is substantive and smart. This TC fabric finds its application in constructing, machinery and transport sectors. Available in 245grams and in 24 different colors including high visibility.

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HARMONY 250 g 60% CO 40% PE 14*14/80*52 2/1

A highly effective medium weight fabric used in the workwear industry where traditionally blended fabrics would have been used. It’s comfortable, durable and strong making it an ideal fabric in warm and cold environments. It has colorfast and low shrinkage properties. The density is 250 gsm and the composition is 40% polyester and 60 % cotton.We sell this textile in white, black and a shade of blue, green and grey.

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DURA BREEZE 160 g 65% PE 35% CO 30*30/130*70 2/1

This is a high-strength, lightweight TC fabric mainly developed for spring workwear. Garments made of this fabric provide an exceptional level of protection against mechanical effects and cold weather conditions. You can choose from 26 different colors between bright and dark . This fabric is the best choice for light workwear jackets, trousers and coveralls.

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ZEN 300 g 50% CO 50% PE 10*10/80*56 3/1

This heavyweight cotton-polyester fabric is comfortable but more durable then cotton workwear fabrics. Thanks to its half-half cotton-polyester component which makes it stronger and more comfortable for the wearer. Comes in more than 15 different colors.

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DURA MAX + 280 g 65% CO 35% PE    14*14/82*50  2/1

This is the original heavyweight  280 gsm drill used for workwear. The color palette is from white through blue , grey and black. Heavyweight and breathable, it’s ideal for heavy industrial wear such as workwear trousers and jackets.  

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All cotton and blended fabrics are certified to the highest EU standard

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