Special workwear fabricsWe have a large selection of special workwear fabrics, from Industrial washable fabrics, water resistant fabrics, flame retardant fabrics to camouflage fabrics.


Our special workwear fabrics are designed to achieve the highest standards for all industries that have a necessary regulation in protection and safety. Our team are always working on sourcing and supplying the latest innovative and special fabrics from our suppliers.

At workwearfabrics.com you can choose from the following special workwear fabric range:

Industrial Washable Fabrics

If you work in an industry that deals with oil, chemicals, or dirt, our selection of washable industrial fabrics have high strength, good color holding and provide exceptional comfort for the wearer. They have been designed to perform to the highest levels, and they can be industrially laundered to 90°C.

Name Weight Composition Construction Weaving Description Available colors


180 g

100% CO



This best-selling medium weight 180 gsm workwear fabric is extremely durable, hard wearing with extraordinary strength with his 100% Cotton component. Suitable for men’s and ladie’s garments mostly for indoor use where a slightly lighter weight fabric can guarantee the maximum comfort to the wearer.It has been designed to the highest level of expectations and can be industrially laundered.

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ULTRA MAX 240 g 65% PE 35% CO 14*14/80*56 2/1

Established as Europe’s top selling men’s workwear fabric, this indestructible medium weight workwear fabric has been specially developed to meet the prescribed criteria for high temperature industrial laundering. Extremely durable and hardwearing industrial washable fabric suitable for indoor & outdoor garments. This fabric also offers exceptional color consistency and stability to help ensure they retain their smart appearance.

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ULTRA LIGHT + 210 g 65% CO 35% PE 20*20/108*58 2/1

Industrial washable medium weight coat fabric which has all the necessary attributes that you would expect from a modern coat fabric. For summer and winter workwear with high requirements for strength characteristics and a longer lifecycle.The components are 65% cotton & 35% polyester with a weight of 210 gsm. The fabric comes in 15 different colors.

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ULTRA MAX NEGA-STAT 245g 64% PE 35% CO 1% NEGASTAT 14*14/82*50 2/1

An antistatic premium-class fabric with it 64% polyester + 35% cotton & 1% antistatic blend. This fabric offers a number of benefits including strenght and comfort. Suitable for use in a wide range of products including jackets, coats and trousers in a special industry where medium-duty blend and high washing temperature is necessary.

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Flame Retardant Fabrics

As more and more companies need qualitative FR workwear fabrics, Wirtex’s Flame retardant range incorporates quality and reliability as all of our anti-flame fabrics are used in gas, fire, electricity and petrochemical industries. All of our flame retardant fabrics are treated and are fine quality with EN340, EN11611, EN11612, EN1149-5 (antistatic only) certification.


Name Weight Composition Construction Weaving Description Available colors


350 g

100% Cotton



This material is 100% treated cotton and the territorial density is 300grams which is suitable for use in many industries where flame retardancy is required. It can be washed at 60 degrees and shrinkage is less than 2%. It has a reactive dye and is available in dark blue, black and dark green color.

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PHOENIX+ 370 g 100% Cotton 10*10/80*46 3/1

We also keep in stock a 320 gsm flame retardant, antistatic fabric which is necessary in some special industries where electronic equipment is in use. Available only in dark blue and black color.Garments made by our anti-flame fabrics are worn by oil, power operation sectors, industrial workers and many other industry where those protection requirements are necessary. The 100% cotton component gives you maximum breathability and comfort.

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PHOENIX LIGHT 170 g 100% Cotton 20*20/60*60 1/1 This new flame retardant fabric is 100%  cotton with lighter (300 g) territorial density. Suitable for use in many industries where flame retardancy is required.  pdf download

Acid Proof & Water Resistant Fabrics

Wirtex also carry a special acid proof & waterproof fabric which is available in 245 grams.

Acidproof and waterproof

Name Weight Composition Construction Weaving Description Available colors


245 g

65% PE 35% CO



The blend consists of 65% polyester & 35% cotton which gives a maximum strength to the garment made from this fabric. It provides protection from liquid chemical splash and water. Ideal for clothing worn by workers in light industrial applications and utilities where protection from exposure to splash and water is required.


This acid proof fabric complies with EU standards EN340, EN14419, EN6530 and EN24920.

Water Resistant / Waterproof Fabrics

For industries where water-proofing is a requirement, our range of waterproof fabrics are ideal textiles for your garments. With the polyester component the lifetime of our waterproof fabrics are longer than the average fabrics. We carry polyester and cotton component which are water resistant and teflon coated fabrics. The polyester and cotton fabrics are available in a variety of colors, washable up to 60 celsius , reactive dye and shrinkage is less than 2%.


Name Weight Composition Construction Weaving Description Available colors


245 g

50% PE 50% CO



This 50% cotton & 50% polyester, water resistant fabric with its 245 gsm gives the maximum water repellency and comfort to the wearer. Available in more than 6 colors including high visibility yellow.

MARINE 245 g 65% PE 35% CO 14*14/80*56 2/1 This is our most popular waterproof workwear fabric available in 245 gsm. With its unique teflon finish, 65% polyester & 35% cotton component, it has the best waterproofing and anti-absorbency features there is. Available in five different colors and certified to EN340.  pdf-download

Waterproof fabric has been used in several industry for many years. This special polyester fabric protect the wearer from water and rain. We sell 100% polyester water resistant (raincoat) fabrics which are available in more than 10 different colors and in 90 or 160gsm.

 Water resistant

Name Weight Composition  Construction   Available colors


90 g

100% PE


MONSOON+ 160 g 100% PE  pdf-download

Our water repellent and waterproof fabrics are designed to give the maximum comfort to the wearer and a high level of waterproof performance. All waterproof fabrics are compiled with water resistant standards.

Camouflage Fabrics

Name Weight Composition Construction Weaving Description Available colors


280 g

100% CO



This special heavyweight 280g 100% cotton fabric is mostly used by the army, hunters, foresters and those who spend a lot of time in nature. Camouflage fabric is new to our range and is very popular with our customers! Our camouflage fabric has an outstanding strength, its washable up to 60 celsius, has a reactive dye and the shrinkage is less than 2%.

PYTHON 300 g 65% PE 35% CO 12*10/90*46 3/1 Our new heavyweight camouflage fabric is 300g and the components are mixed of polyester and cotton.Uniforms made by this camouflage fabric are used by army, foresters and hunters. Outstanding strength.  pdf-download

Our new heavyweight camouflage fabric is 300g and the components are 65% PE / 35% CO!

Lining, Pocketing and Bed Sheet Fabrics

Available in lightweight 100% cotton, 65% polyester & 35% cotton, viscose and 100% polyester component lining, pocketing and bed sheet fabrics.

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